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There are many paths to a successful music career. Our Success course and built in weekly coaching guides you to find the path that works for you, and follow it through.

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Why did I create the Meant4Music™️ Success Membership Program?

It's truly the knowledge and support that I wish I had access to all along for the last 20 years to navigate the music business. I almost quit 1000 times. I'm so glad I didn't. There are so many different paths to success in the music business, my membership allows you to discover and create your own that you love and and can live on!

"Jo is professional, personable and fantastic to work with. I highly recommend that if you're serious about achieving success in the music industry, you need to invest in yourself first and there is no way better that I have found than through Jo's coaching programs. I started working with Jo doing one-on-one music life coaching in 2020 and I can honestly say that it has changed the trajectory of my music career and my life immediately and positively. I learned how to set my goals with accountability and control my reactions and thoughts from a position of awareness. I went from being stuck in a rut of doing the same things over and over again, to getting out of my own way and really starting to achieve my success. This year I will double my income from my music. Prior to working with Jo, I would have not thought this was even remotely possible.""

Doug Folkins, BC, Canada

What's Included in the Membership?


Module 1 - Success Mindset Training

* 3 Keys to Success
* Creating Amazing Daily Habits
* Who do you want to become
* Moving to New Thoughts
* The Thought Model

Module 2 - The New Music Business Model

* Music Business Model
* Engage, Connect, Monetize
* Goals & Vision Creation (With Emotion)
* 5 Most Common Reasons that music businesses don't progress and how to avoid them!

Module 3 - How to Act & Think Like a Label

* What a label actually does
* 6 Steps to acting like a label for success
* 3 Strategies to employ today
* 7 Key points to acting like your own label

Module 4 - Up Level Your OnLine Presence

* Social Media Makeover
* Social Media Plan & Mindset
* Why We Love & Hate Social Media



Each week we do LIVE member calls on topics that are relevant and helpful to all artists and creatives!

These calls are often the cornerstone of the membership. 

You can attend LIVE or watch the replay through the member portal


We are now hosting WEEKLY

FANBASE BUILDING Live Member Calls. We cover a side variety of fanbase and audience building trainings and strategies.

* Starting your own Fan Group

* Growing and Engaging your group

* Monetizing in a non-sleazy way (Even a tiny group)

* Email Lists - All the scoop on emails lists!

You can attend LIVE or watch the replay through the member portal

Included in the membership are forums, for you to have direct contact with your coach to ask questions, as well as network with other like minded members!

  • Followers to Fans - How to build a fan base online from your followers
  • Social Media Makeover Workshop - Give your social media quick overhaul and felt confident that it's looking great and you're making the most of your online space.
  • 2021 Live Goals REPLAY - Create your vision, goals and plan your projects for the next 12 months!
  • Acoustic Video Course - COMING SOON! How to create great sounding acoustic videos in less than 20 mins! 

* NEW * Also an addition to the membership his our daily dose emails.

* You'll receive an email every single day with a inspiration and/or informational quotes.

* Our members LOVE this new addition and say that sometimes, it's the one or two sentences that they needed to hear for today to keep on moving forward and crushing it!

Membership Benefits


The Meant4Music™️ Success Map Course is the first thing you're going to complete, when you sign up. It will put you on the right path, and allow you to action what is important to begin bringing your music career ideas and dreams into reality.

Coaching Support

Access to forums & weekly coaching sessions, gives you the ability to ask all the questions, grow and have the support you need to keep moving forward. You'll never get stuck again, with the guidance in this program


 The goal is to help you create a life where you become highly accountable to yourself. Your self-trust will soar! The best accountability you can ever have is to yourself.

Discovering your purpose and turning it into income into the music industry isn't as mystical as you may think. 

"I started working with Jo this summer and my life is changing as we speak."

Karrisa Hoffart, SK, Canada

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