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The most effective program for Artists, Musicians and Songwriters to build an audience, and leverage all income streams to create a thriving music business.

The only program that allows you to create your own comprehensive and personalized music career success plan, and implement it with the support of a successful music industry coach.

Before I tell you about this life changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

✔️ You’re a creative who knows that your version of success is different to others and unique to you as an artist.

✔️ You’d like to succeed in the music industry on your own terms.

✔️ You are tired of chasing the latest online trends, ideas, and social media platforms that “might” work for you.

✔️ You want a clear direction and plan that includes your vision of life in the music industry.

✔️ It’s not about getting rich on your music, but making an abundant living would mean that you can give back to the people and causes that you are passionate about. 

Whether you're...

↠ A Working Artist who is tired of not getting noticed, feeling stuck in the same place, experiencing the roller coaster ride of releasing music and being disappointed with the results.

↠ A Creative Soul (who is Meant4Music™️) and confined to a cubicle but fully aware that you are capable of so much more, currently building someone else’s dream not your own.

↠ A Songwriter/Artist who has the ability to diversify into multiple income streams, but isn’t sure where to spend your time and money to make it all happen, frustrated by everything costing money and no return on the investment.

You’re in the right place, I’m going to tell you exactly how the Meant4Music™️ Success Academy will give you the direction, tools, and unmatched support on your journey to achieving your vision of music industry success.


By the end of this program, you will have…

✅ Created a clear vision for your version of music industry success.

✅ Mapped out a direct plan to follow, that also allows you to pivot at any time when needed.

 Developed a strong personal mindset philosophy that you can see you easily through the toughest of days in the music business.

 Leveraged a mix of social platforms, systems and available technologies to support your plan to build the following and fanbase that works for you.

 Created an image and brand that accurately displays who you are and highlights your most incredible and unique qualities.

 Aligned your personal and musical vision to create a success plan that will allow you to live your best life and make a living doing what you love.

Sheree Spoltore

(Global Songwriters Connection)

"All the incredible work that Jo is doing in her program has reached me in Nashville which is why I"m here on the podcast today. ...remember to include people like Jo in your journey they are extremely important to your success."

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Success Stories

A sample of some of my amazing program alumni!

Doug Folkins (Songwriter/Artist)

"I went from being stuck in a rut of doing the same things over and over again, to getting out of my own way and really starting to achieve my success.  This year I will double my income from my music.  Prior to working with Jo, I would have not thought this was even remotely possible."

Karissa Hoffart (Artist/Songwriter)

"Since working with Jo I've achieved so much. My daily habits are really positive and productive. This program changed my life. I've learned how to make money as a musician, connect with my fanbase and continue to fund my projects. I recently completed an amazing virtual school tour that Jo helped me to execute quickly."

Justin LaBrash (Artist/Songwriter)

"I was working with Jo when Covid hit - I had a big summer planned of festivals and shows along with sponsorship. With Jo's support I was able to pivot quickly and create an entire tour of drive-in shows, this really helped to keep my music alive throughout this time and taught me how to change directions and adapt in tough times."

Marielle de Rocca-Serra (Electric, Jazz, Classical Violinist, Multi-instrumentalist, Artist)

What’s been very helpful to me in 2021 is getting inspiration from Jo whose podcast I have been listening to religiously for the past couple of years. I started her coaching program early January and the benefits have been simply immense. If you are a fellow musician, you’ll get incredible value right there."

Tania Ribeiro (Singer/Songwriter)

"Taking Jo’s coaching taught me that anything I put my efforts into I can get a result from it.  Learning how to create the mindset that I needed was the challenging part but one that I was ready to take on. With her coaching I created my new life that I’ve always dreamt and wished for. I recorded and released my very first song. I would recommend her coaching sessions to anyone who has ever doubted their own faith in themselves or their work. You can do this and Jo’s got your back!"

Chance Tomke

"I went from making $0 in music to $60k in less than 12 months. Jo kept me on track and showed me how to push past the doubts and fears of stepping out and getting things done. She'll tell you the truth and support you at the same time to hit your goals. It's all about mindset, that's the most important part of Jo's coaching program."

What's Waiting For You Inside The Program?

Here is what you can expect from the program content and how it rolls out over the 12 weeks!

MODULE 1 (Week 1 & 2)

Create Your Success Plan

Anyone can set goals! Anyone can set S.M.A.R.T. goals! Every single creative I have ever worked with is great at setting goals before they even sign up to my program.

The issue is that these goals become a huge source of frustration when the results either don’t come or roadblocks present themselves. 

That is why this first module is SO very valuable!

We’ll start setting you up for success by asking you some very important questions and making some very big decisions this week.

We use powerful exercises that help to free you of trying to figure out the "HOW" you're going to achieve your perfect life and allows you to simply design it, imagine it, feel it and actually create it.

It will cover all 4 major areas and all corners of your life and is all encompassing:


This rolls out over the course of two weeks and it will give you an incredible sense of direction as to what is important and what projects make sense to spend your time and money on as we move forward.

Simply work through the module videos and exercises.

Making these decisions in the future will never be easier with this roadmap created. This will form the cornerstone of what you really want from life music and what you want for the most significant people in your life.

If you want to impact others with your music, you first need to get your own house in order and this process allows you to focus on what will get you the best and most important results to you the quickest.

>> Figure out your most desirable life in all 4 corners of it.
>> Understand your purpose with clarity, and never have to ask yourself again “why am I doing this?” If you do, you already have the answer.
>> Get your most critical decisions made right out of the gate.
>> Create a map for making future tough decisions and course corrections.

MODULE 2 (Week 3)

Private Zoom Coaching Call with Jo

Here’s why this week will be so valuable to you...

This week will include preparing and attending your one on one session with me.

Any doubts or questions left over from the first module of work will be addressed.

My focus during this session is to look at your plan and tighten it up.

I have done this process dozens of times with past clients and seen the success it brings. This one coaching session is often the difference between a full mental commitment to your future or not.

I am going to be holding you accountable to attending it, you won’t be sorry that you did because this is just what is needed at this point in the process.

You’ll have questions, maybe some doubts and fears, I’ve got you, I know how to get you through it.
I’ll put on my business coach and LIFE coach hat and work you through the issues.

You’ll be ready to kick ass at the end of this call.

>> A SOLID future plan is now in place after this call is completed.
>> Any doubts, fears and current challenges are addressed and you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your day.
>> You will have the confidence that your decisions are wise and know what to focus on to start executing your plan.
>> Having someone who has done this process many times before showing you what’s possible is priceless.

MODULE 3 (Weeks 4 & 5)

Become Super Productive and Mindful

This module is all about how to now set up your day, week, month and next 12 months for productivity and results to flow in.

There are a few things that all of my successful artists have in common, many of them have to do with their daily habits and their commitment to them.

We will create a plan to create some amazing daily habits.

I’ll teach you some powerful techniques that work really well for us “creatives” to stay the course and get stuff done!

Learn How to Do More stuff in Less time :)

You’ll discover ways to look after your mind, body and soul during these two weeks of the programming.

The number 1 way to creating better things in your life is feeling better…!

>> Create amazing daily habits that work for you!
>> Get productivity going strong with new techniques.
>> Use the planner to get things done daily, weekly and monthly and stay on track.

MODULE 4 (Week 6 & 7)

Authentic Audience Building

There is no substitute in the music industry for an organically built fanbase in fact they are completely necessary if you want to have a thriving music career.

An authentically built audience = loyal fans and paying customers!

We will start with your inner circle and assemble them in a place where you can really connect with them.

In order for your inner circle to support you as an artist in ways that really help you, you need to guide on what this is.

The music industry is incredibly mysterious to those outside of it. 

Often our friends, families and first supporters don’t actually know exactly what to do to help get you to the next step.

We will create a communication, & content plan to get your inner circle hyped about what you are doing!

We will cover audience building psychology, technology and techniques over this two week period, and you’ll put it into action.

>> Learn audience building engagement strategies by starting with your inner circle.
>> Discover how to assemble your core group of fans in a place where you can be sure that they will see the content that you work so hard to create.
>> Create an ongoing engagement plan that isn’t overwhelming to implement consistently.
>> Receive immediate feedback from your core group of supporters!

MODULE 5 (Weeks 8 & 9)

Create Your Audience Growth Strategy

Once you’ve worked hard to create your inner circle and have that consistent communication humming along, you’ll want to start growing it like crazy!

We will focus on how to attract new fans and audience members to your circle and how to inspire your inner circle to bring new people in your circle to widen it.

Having a consistent growth strategy is AS important as having a consistent engagement strategy going at all times.

>> You’ll create a plan on how to explode your audience base this week.
>> NO more throwing money at things like boosted FB ads, not knowing if the people you are attracting are actually interested in your music, or even if it's going to work.
>> You’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with and your content for the foreseeable future will be planned out.

MODULE 6 (Week 10 - 12)

Work and Rework Your Plan With Joy

By now you'll be seeing results that you never even thought were possible.

You'll learn how to get into a Refocus, Rework, & Repeat loop of happiness!

Plans change my friends, especially in the music business.

When we first create your plan in Module 1 we leave space for the awesome unexpected to happen, because it most definitely WILL!

When you become really intentional about your goals and start working on them, the universe organizes to make them happen.

They just don’t always happen the way that you think they will.

I’ve seen this come true, time and time again with my clients.

From that new opportunity that you never saw coming, to that challenge that wound up being an amazing new potential. Your plans will change.

In this module we will learn how to embrace the changes, challenges and opportunities. What to say YES to and what to say NO to in order to walk towards your most successful music life.

In these last two weeks, we will learn how to refocus your plans on a regular basis and what priorities are number 1.

>> Create an implement a weekly refocus habit to stay on track.
>> Learn how to be and stay open to new potentials.
>> How to NOT focus on the results but the process instead that will bring the most change.
>> Understanding how your internal state is the driver for all external change.

🎉 When you enroll during this special limited time period, you'll get:


The Meant4Music™️ Success Academy

(a $2997 Value)

✔️ 6 Implementation Modules showing you literally everything you need to know to create the life and income you've always wanted in the music business.

✔️ Personal Guidance from a Successful Music Career and Life Coach, with a proven track record of helping creatives create amazing income on the terms that work for them!

✔️ A Thriving Fanbase, and strategies to continue growing, engaging and monetizing that is not overwhelming.

✔️ Amazing Daily Habits & Productivity Tools & Techniques to keep you doing more in less time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for long term success and accountability.

You'll be given access to one module per week except for in the implementation weeks. We do this intentionally to stop you from getting over burdened and overwhelmed. This also gives you time to thoroughly complete the module exercises before jumping into the next section. Each module is crafted to be highly effective and is jam packed with information you'll need time to digest it.


➕ Plus these Bonuses To Help You Create Incredible Momentum (And Keep it Over the Long Term)


Bonus #1 

>> 12 weeks of Live Q&A calls with Jo <<

(a $997 Value)

>> Once a week you'll have the opportunity to take part in LIVE Q&A calls to help you gain clarity, remain unstuck and move you in the right direction constantly throughout the course of the program.

>> That's 12 extra chances to get in  front of your coach and ask your most burning questions.

>> You'll have all of your questions answered helping you gain confidence in your direction and decisions.


Bonus #2 

>> Access to a private FB Community of like minded creatives and insiders <<

(a $497 Value)

>> After your 12 weeks you'll receive a special invite into the Meant4Music™️ Private FB Community with other alumni and industry insiders for future support.

>> In this group we offer a lot of free training, resources , inspiration, motivation and access to music industry professionals with incredible skills and experience.

>> These community members are hand picked
and alumni of the Meant4Music™️ Programs and are often an incredible source of support for your long term success, many end up being collaborators, co-writers, mentors and friends.


Become Part of the Meant4Music™️ Success Academy Now

21 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

You'll be backed by a risk free 21 day guarantee:

Let me just say upfront that I am 100% confident that you will get incredible value out of this program.

The Meant4Music™️ Success Academy is the most aligned and comprehensive course for Musicians, Artists and Songwriters to create long term success in the industry.

I am personally committed to you having success.

By the end of the first 21 days you will have had a one on one planning session with me and have created your personalized success plan.

Meaning you will have the opportunity to map out your future and how you are going to pursue your most important goals.

If you don't feel totally confident and motivated in the future of your music business and you have completed the first 21 days of course work and planning I will refund your investment.

Still thinking about it?

You should give the Meant4Music™️ Success Academy a 21-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following…

You want to make money and love what you do in the music industry.


Whether it’s your unsatisfying full-time job or the thought of spending more money on releases and projects that fall flat, you’re fully aware that you currently don’t have the time or financial freedom to continue pumping money into your “hobby”.

More importantly you prefer not to spend the rest of your life living by the idea that “musicians can’t make any money” AND treating your music career like it is in fact just a side hobby that you can’t make work.

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure about investing in the next few months to completely change the trajectory of your life and music career, to figure out your personal formula for creating a life you love and creating the income you need to support it.


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Burning questions often asked by your fellow music industry creatives before grabbing their access to the course!

Yes you will meet Jo in the first week of your course and she will personally guide you through the creation of your personal plan. Jo has a proven track record of taking music industry creatives to new levels of success. They all agree that the 1:1 sessions are key to their success in her program. That’s why we found it important to include this element into the 12 week program. No one will have the same two plans, you are unique and your journey will be guided by your own unique set of ideals and goals and that’s very important.

If you decide that the course isn’t for you within the first 21 days and you have completed the one on one session with Jo and the first two weeks of course materials, you can get a full refund!

We generally find that people feel overwhelmed about this because they aren’t 100% sure if the time and money they are investing will “work”. Like any course you get out of it what you put into it. On average artists put in about 2-3 hours each week on course materials, the rest is actually you working on your career, but with a new streamlined and clear direction of what tasks to prioritize. Due to this clarity you may actually save yourself time each week as you’ll know exactly what to spend time and money to get results instead of running from one to task without a plan as to why.

The Academy opens approx. every 3 months. The countdown timer above let's you know when your course starts/ You will also receive emails confirming your start date in the course and all the details you need.

On your start date you will get immediate access to the first module, we don’t want you to skip over any modules, they are all extremely important to set you up for success. Each additional module becomes available each week for you to work on and really dig into.

If you haven't received any of these emails please check your spam folder, if you still haven't received any please email us at [email protected] for assistance!

Yes, you will have access any time to contact Jo and ask questions, we want to ensure your success, it’s important that you have the support you need to make that happen. Jo will also be doing a weekly Q&A Zoom call that you can attend and a majority of the answers to many questions will be answered during these webinar style meetings.

You will be charged on the first day of the program start date. If you have chosen a payment plan it's important to keep a track of what payment time frames. We can always help if you aren't sure contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over this next 12 weeks...

Creating my own personal plan and vision and using it as a guide post to create my ideal life and income in the music industry has literally changed my life.
I have experienced what it feels like to transition from a full-time soul sucking job into a life that I love to wake up to each and every day.
More than anything else, I’m excited to share that with you.
If you’re an artist, songwriter, or musician you owe it to yourself to at least take the 14 day risk-free trial to see what the Meant4Music™️ Success Academy looks like.
Should you choose to accept my invitation I will personally guarantee that these next 12 weeks will be truly life changing for you and your family.
I look forward to meeting you personally inside The Meant4Music™️ Success Academy.

- Jo Janzen

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